Topseed Pro V3 Tennis Ball Machine

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  • Remote control included
  • Internal oscillation
  • Horizontal & vertical oscillation
  • 3 line drill
  • Infared calibration for accurate delivery
  • Counter rotating wheels
  • 200 ball basket capacity
  • Smart charger
  • 2 Year Australian Warranty
  • Every detail of the Topseed PRO V3 Tennis Ball Machine has been designed for ease and comfort whilst functioning as the ultimate tool to improve your game. The machine comes with a remote control so you can conveniently change settings at full court distance. Doubles can also practice together as the machine has line drills to deliver balls to both sides of the court.

The state of the art design includes a larger size bucket to hold up to 200 balls giving you longer playing time. The bucket compresses down to a single smaller shape for easy transport and the machine includes a retractable handle to walk and roll around on wheels with ease giving you all the portability you require.


  • Speed : 20 - 140 km/h
  • Ball capacity : 200 balls
  • Feed Rate : 2-8 seconds
  • Spin : Top & back
  • Elevation : Ground stroke to lob
  • Internal Oscillation : Making delivery less predictable
  • Horizontal Oscillation : Balls can be delivered across the court
  • Vertical Oscilaltion : Depth of delivery can be varied from short to deep
  • Infared Calibration – During Use the machine continuously calibrates for accuracy using infared sensors
  • 3 line drill
  • Counter Rotating Wheels - Most advanced ball delivery reducing noise as well as increasing level of spin
  • Battery Life – 2-3 hours
  • Machine can run on either battery or AC power
  • Wireless Remote Control included
  • Folding handle for easy transport to and from the court
  • Weight approx. 25kg
  • Smart charger : indicates when machine is fully charged
  • 2 Years Australian back to base warranty


  • Fixed point function : Delivering balls in same area
  • 3 line horizontal drill function : Alternating balls between backhand, centre and forehand
  • High/Low drill function: Delivering balls in same area of court but varied short and long depth
  • X- court drill function: Delivering balls to opposite side of the court (great for 2 player use)
  • Random Function : Delivery balls to various positions on the court randomly (great for 2 player use)
  • Customers have loved the Topseed Ball Machines and now with the new V3 it takes it to a whole new level.


  • Vertical Oscilation to vary depth of delivery
  • Infared Calibration for more accurate delivery
  • Smart Charger that recognises when battery is fully charged
  • 3 line drill function which is increased from 2 line function on V2
  • Fixed point function allowing you to choose an area of the court to target
  • Completely new shape for a state of the art look to match the updated technology
  • Larger wheels Designed for easier maneuvering as well as increased durability


TopSeed Pro Pro V3 Tennis Ball Machine
Remote Control
Battery Charger
AC cable
Instruction Booklet